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Panhellenic Association Sororities

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Women interested in joining a Panhellenic Association sorority participate in recruitment, which is a process by which sorority chapters recruit new members and potential members learn about sorority life. Panhellenic sorority life at WVU is an investment in yourself. This experience can be divided into three categories. First, you are a new member, learning how to apply the values and mission of your organization to your daily life. As a new member, you will discover leadership opportunities, create new friendships, and be encouraged to get involved. Then, you are an initiated member, participating in sorority life. As an initiated member, you will grow in confidence, be challenged by your peers, and have high academic standards. After you graduate, your membership in your sorority is not over. You will reflect back on your investment in sorority life, as it will make you a stronger individual and a productive citizen. Membership is for life and staying in touch with your sorority sisters is a great way to stay in touch with your school.

Eligibility to join Greek Life: GPA, Credits and Learn More

Requirements: In order to join a Panhellenic sorority at WVU you will need to meet a few requirements.

  1. GPA: students must have a least a 2.75 overall GPA in order to join a fraternity or sorority at WVU

  2. CREDITS: you must have completed 12 or more credit hours on campus OR have at least 12 transfer credits from another college/university that are recognized by WVU in order to join

  3. INFO SESSION: You must have attended an info session 

Information Sessions

Women interested in participating in Panhellenic Primary Recruitment in the spring semester must attend an information session in the fall. 

Interested women may also fill out this interest form and the Vice President of Recruitment will make outreach to you!

Types of Recruitment

Primary Recruitment is held during the spring semester each year and is a formalized process with a structured schedule during which interested women (potential new members or PNMs) learn about WVU sororities, meet members, and may be offered a bid, or invitation to membership. Primary recruitment takes place over a week with PNMs meeting women from each of the 8 participating chapters at the beginning of the week, and visiting with fewer and fewer chapters until they are left with one or two chapters at the end of the week and may be offered a bid.

This process is how the vast majority of sorority women join, allowing PNMs to receive the most information and get to know each of the 8 chapters affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference.

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Continuous Open Bidding, or informal recruitment, is a less structured way by which women may join sororities at WVU. Generally, informal recruitment may involve meeting members of a sorority during one of their regularly scheduled sisterhood activities, during lunch or dinner at a chapter house, meeting a few members for coffee on campus, or there could be a specific event scheduled for interested women to meet members of the chapter.

Informal recruitment generally takes place in the first few months of each fall semester and following formal recruitment in the spring semester, but there are not designated dates like there are for formal recruitment. In addition, not every sorority chapter participates in informal recruitment every semester.

Panhellenic Primary Recruitment Schedule

  • Recruitment Orientation: This will take place prior to primary recruitment at a classroom on campus and will allow you to get to know the ins and outs of the recruitment schedule, meet other women participating in recruitment, and your Recruitment Counselor, who will help to guide you through the recruitment process. Once you are registered online, you will receive an email about times and locations for orientation. 
  • Sisterhood Round: Women registered for recruitment will have an opportunity to meet all 8 sororities and learn about their sisterhood at events in the Mountainlair. 
  • Philanthropy Round: Women will visit up to 6 sororities and learn about the philanthropy and service projects each chapter participates in and supports locally and nationally.
  • Values Round: Women will visit up to 4 sorority houses to receive a tour and learn about scholarship, leadership and financial responsibilities. The chapters will go further into their core values as a sisterhood and an organization.
  • Preference Round: Women will attend up to 2 events and learn about the values, ideals, and bonds of each chapter.
  • Bid Day: Women will meet in the Mountainlair to find out what sorority they have received a bid from (invitation to membership). Afterward, each new member class will celebrate with their new chapter.

What to expect as a new member:

  • To pay many one-time fees to the sorority as well as pay dues as regular members do.  The first year average is $900 and subsequent years average is $700.

  • To attend weekly new member meetings where all new members will be taught about the history and values of the sorority as well as other important aspects of sorority life.

  • That your chapter will have weekly meetings.  Some sororities ask their new members to attend chapter meetings, others do not.  Sorority members typically meet Sunday or Monday nights.

  • To be required to meet study hour requirements.  Sororities follow programs to help them succeed academically.  As soon as someone joins, she becomes responsible for meeting the sorority’s academic requirements.

  • To be required to attend those things that other members are required to attend.  There are community service events, philanthropy events, speakers, and other things that your chapter will participate in and you will be asked to do your part.

  • To be held to the standards of membership that your chapter requires.  Every sorority has a set of bylaws and standards.  When a member violates these policies, she can be called to a hearing with chapter leadership.

As a new member, you can also expect:

  • To be provided with a copy of sorority policies and a calendar of the things you will be asked to attend.

  • To be provided with a big sister who will help you get acquainted with sorority life, life at West Virginia University, and life in the Panhellenic community.

  • To attend sorority social events.  All sororities have socials for their members to attend.  Whether it’s with a social with a fraternity, a date party with another sorority, or your own sorority having a formal, each sorority has at least two to three events each semester.  These events are fun but optional.

  • To be assisted in your academic pursuits.  All of our sororities have academic programs and offer help, resources, and scholarships for members.  The average sorority member has a higher GPA than the average undergraduate woman at WVU. 

  • To be provided with extra help and structure as you adjust to college life.  It is a huge transition and some people worry that joining a sorority will make things more difficult, but this is not the case.  Sororities are large organizations with chapters on over 670 campuses.  We specialize in the enhancement of college life and know how to help our new members feel right at home.

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Registration Details

Registration for Spring 2024 Primary Recruitment opens October 1.

Before registering online, you'll need to make sure you have a few things:

  • Make sure you have attended an information session and signed in using your email
  • Make sure you have the appropriate amount of credits and required minimum GPA  
  • A photo of just you to upload: this helps us to put a face with a name
  • Optional - 
    • A resume: the online application will give you space to list your high school/ college activities, but if you have a resume, you can upload it as well
    • A Character reference Letter: this letter can be from a teacher, coach, employer or somebody that knows you. This letter should include your relationship to the recommender, how long the recommender has known you, and why they believe you would be a great member of a sorority

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