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Panhellenic Association Sororities

Joining a Panhellenic Association Sorority

 Women interested in joining a Panhellenic Association sorority participate in recruitment, which is a process by which sorority chapters recruit new members and potential members learn about sorority life. There are two types of sorority recruitment that take place at WVU.

Information Sessions

Women interested in participating in Panhellenic Primary Recruitment in the spring semester must attend an information session in the fall. 

Info Sessions

Types of Recruitment

Primary recruitment is held during the spring semester each year and is a formalized process with a structured schedule during which interested women (potential new members or PNMs) learn about WVU sororities, meet members, and may be offered a bid, or invitation to membership. Primary recruitment takes place over a week with PNMs meeting women from each of the 8 participating chapters at the beginning of the week, and visiting with fewer and fewer chapters until they are left with one or two chapters at the end of the week and may be offered a bid.

This process is how the vast majority of sorority women join, allows PNMs to receive the most information and get to know each of the 8 chapters affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference.

 Informal recruitment, also called continuous open bidding, is a less structured way by which women may join sororities at WVU. Generally, informal recruitment may involve meeting members of a sorority during one of their regularly scheduled sisterhood activities, during lunch or dinner at a chapter house, meeting a few members for coffee on campus, or there could be a specific event scheduled for interested women to meet members of the chapter.

Informal recruitment generally takes place in the first few months of each fall semester and following formal recruitment in the spring semester, but there are not designated dates like there are for formal recruitment. In addition, not every sorority chapter participates in informal recruitment every semester.

Women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors may be interested in Alpha Omega Epsilon, a social and professional sorority for STEM majors that is an associate member of the Panhellenic Association. Alpha Omega Epsilon does not participate in formal recruitment, but generally holds informal recruitment events during the fall and spring semesters.


Registration Details

Before registering online, you'll need to make sure you have a few things:

  • A character reference letter: this can be from a teacher, professor, religious leader, school counselor, athletic coach, etc. and should address your character and what attributes you have that make you well suited for sorority membership (academics, service, leadership, etc.) You will be asked to upload it. If you need to have a physical copy mailed, please address it to the Office of Greek Life c/o Panhellenic VP for Recruitment at this address.
  • A photo of just you: this helps us to put a face with a name
  • Optional - a resume: the online application will give you space to list your high school/ college activities, but if you have a resume, you can upload it as well

Panhellenic Primary Recruitment Schedule

 Recruitment Orientation 

This will take place prior to formal recruitment at a classroom on campus and will allow you to get to know the ins and outs of the recruitment schedule, meet other women participating in recruitment, and your Recruitment Counselor, who will help to guide you through the recruitment process. Once you are registered online, you will receive an email about times and locations for orientation. 

SisterhoodSisterhood Day 

Women registered for recruitment will have an opportunity to meet all 8 sororities and learn about their sisterhood at events in Woodburn Hall. Recruitment will have an opportunity to meet all 8 sororities and learn about their sisterhood at events in Woodburn Hall.

House Tours 

Women will visit up to 6 sorority houses to receive a tour and learn about scholarship, leadership and financial responsibilities.

Philanthropy Day 

Women will visit up to 4 sororities and learn about the philanthropy and service projects each chapter participates in and supports.

Preference Day 

Women will attend up to 2 events and learn about the values, ideals, and bonds of each chapter.

Bid DayBid Day

Women will meet in the Mountainlair to find out what sorority they have received a bid to (invitation to membership). Afterward, each new member class will celebrate with their new chapter.

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