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Brotherhood/ Sisterhood & Community

Joining a fraternity or sorority is about building lifelong relationships that reach beyond ordinary friendships.  Members of the fraternity and sorority community find a home away from home, mentorship, a support system, and a sense of community within the larger university community. Brotherhood and sisterhood mean connections that extend well beyond the college years.

The bonds formed in the WVU Fraternity & Sorority community are not limited to bonds within your chapter. Our fraternity and sorority chapters at WVU interact often with one another, which provides great opportunities for members to develop new friendships and maintain old ones across different chapters in the Fraternity & Sorority community.

SigEp  Sisterhood

The West Virginia University Greek community promotes each member's commitment to the following:

Respect for the Community and for Others

  • I will be mutually supportive of other chapters and individual members.

Unity and Relationships

  • I believe in cooperation and teamwork;
  • I will be a lifelong member who remains active throughout my university career and participates in alumni activities and events;
  • I will join other student organizations and will work to become a campus leader;
  • I will be united in a common goal of contributing to the quality of life on campus.



  • I believe in the development of a fraternity and sorority experience for all students that enhances and does not compete with the general social environment of the University;
  • I will participate in creating and organizing events that provide social opportunities for my chapter and members of the West Virginia University community.

Deltas Founders Day  Badge Day

    Follow the Center for Fraternal Values and Leadership