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Interfraternity Council (IFC)

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The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for the social and social-professional men's fraternities at West Virginia University. The executive board is comprised of affiliated members of these fraternities to represent fraternity interests to the campus and surrounding community. The IFC works to develop programs that will foster positive growth of a fraternity man through qualities of leadership, devotion to scholarship, and commitment to community outreach. The IFC works to stimulate a positive Greek atmosphere at West Virginia University, surrounding community, and nationally by promoting unity between chapters, higher standards of studentship, and collaboration between West Virginia University and IFC chapters.

The Interfraternity Council executive board coordinates recruitment activities, oversees member fraternity conduct reviews, and holds events for fraternity members and the Greek community throughout the year.


    Lambda Chi Alpha seal
  • Lambda Chi Alpha: Lambda Chi Alpha (ΛΧΑ), often referred to as Lambda, is a college fraternity that was established in 1909 at Boston University. It is recognized as one of the largest social fraternities in North America, boasting over 300,000 lifetime members and active chapters and colonies at 195 universities​​. The fraternity is dedicated to providing the best fraternal experience, emphasizing personal character development through leadership, scholarship, community service, and positive social experiences. Lambda Chi Alpha’s chapter facility is located on 670 North High Street. Socials: @lambdachiwvu
  • Pi Kappa Alpha seal
  • Pi Kappa Alpha: Pi Kappa Alpha (ΠΚΑ), commonly known as PIKE, is a prominent college fraternity with a rich history and extensive network. Founded on March 1, 1868, at the University of Virginia, it has flourished into one of the largest fraternal organizations worldwide. The fraternity boasts over 225 chapters and colonies throughout the United States and abroad, with a membership that includes over 15,500 undergraduates and more than 305,000 lifetime initiates. This fraternity, with its longstanding tradition and commitment to brotherhood, represents a significant and influential presence in the fraternity landscape. Pi Kappa Alpha’s chapter facility is located on 117 Belmar Avenue. Socials: @wvupikes
  • Alpha Gamma Rho seal
  • Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Gamma Rho (ΑΓΡ), commonly referred to as AGR, is a prominent social and professional fraternity with a focus on agriculture, founded in the United States. With its roots tracing back to the Morrill Act of 1862, which aimed to support agricultural and mechanical education, AGR came into existence through the merging of two local fraternities from Ohio State University and the University of Illinois in 1908. The fraternity now boasts 71 collegiate chapters and emphasizes the recruitment, commitment, education, and recognition of its members, based on the Brotherhood Covenant pillars which every member is expected to live by. Alpha Gamma Rho’s chapter facility is located 201 Belmar Ave. Socials: @alphagammarho_wvu
  • Phi Kappa Psi seal
  • Phi Kappa Psi: Phi Kappa Psi (ΦΚΨ), often referred to as Phi Psi, is an American collegiate social fraternity with a rich history and a commitment to integrity, intellect, and community involvement. Founded on February 19, 1852, at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Phi Kappa Psi has grown significantly over the years, now boasting over ninety chapters across accredited four-year colleges and universities in the United States​. The fraternity prides itself on engaging men of integrity and furthering their intellectual development. Phi Kappa Psi’s chapter facility is located on 780 Spruce Street. Socials: @phipsiwvu
  • Phi Sigma Phi seal
  • Phi Sigma Phi: Phi Sigma Phi (ΦΣΦ), is a social fraternity within the United States, established on July 30, 1988, by former members of Phi Sigma Epsilon who chose not to merge with Phi Sigma Kappa. With its motto "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," the fraternity upholds the values of Honor, Justice, and Wisdom. The national fraternity's symbol is the Phoenix, and its colors are cardinal red and silver. Phi Sigma Phi focuses on philanthropy through a partnership with the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation. Currently, there are five active chapters across the nation, with headquarters in Kingmont, WV. Phi Sigma Phi’s chapter facility is located on 225 Belmar Ave. Socials: @phisigmaphiwvu
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon: Tau Kappa Epsilon (ΤΚΕ), also known as TKE, is a social college fraternity that was established on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University. With a presence throughout the United States and Canada, ΤΚΕ is truly an international organization. It boasts a principle of inclusivity, having never had an exclusionary clause, thus admitting members based on "personal worth and character". As of fall 2023, it has 221 active chapters and colonies, and over 298,000 lifetime members. TKE extends beyond college, positioning itself as a "Fraternity for Life", with active alumni associations involved in philanthropy, mentoring, and social events. Socials: @wvu_tke
  • Pi Lambda Phi seal
  • Pi Lambda Phi: Pi Lambda Phi (ΠΛΦ), often referred to as Pi Lam, is a social fraternity that was established in 1895 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. It was pioneering as the first non-sectarian fraternity in the United States, with a foundational principle of accepting men of good character without regard to race or religion. The fraternity was formed as a counteraction and living testament against the prevalent discrimination based on religious and racial grounds in other fraternities at the time. The first chapters established after the founding "general" chapter at Yale were Columbia University as Beta and the City College of New York as Gamma. Pi Lambda Phi’s chapter facility is located on 544 Spruce Street. Socials: @pilamwvu
  • Sigma Nu
  • Sigma Nu: Sigma Nu (ΣΝ), is an undergraduate college fraternity with a storied history and a commitment to fostering ethical leadership and personal growth. Founded in 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, Sigma Nu has since expanded significantly. It has initiated more than 240,000 members across over 160 chapters and colonies in the United States and Canada. This fraternity prides itself on its foundational principles of Love, Truth, and Honor. Sigma Nu’s chapter facility is located on 617 Spruce Street. Socials: @sigmanuwvu
  • Sigma Alpha Mu
  • Sigma Alpha Mu: Sigma Alpha Mu (ΣΑΜ), commonly known as Sammy, is a college fraternity that was founded at the City College of New York in 1909. Originally established as a Jewish organization, it has since opened its doors to men of all faiths as of 1953. With its headquarters now in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sigma Alpha Mu has initiated over 67,000 members across more than 150 active and inactive chapters in the United States and Canada. It is recognized for being one of three major national/international social fraternities founded at the City College of New York. Socials: @sammywvu
  • Pi Kappa Phi seal
  • Pi Kappa Phi: Pi Kappa Phi (ΠΚΦ), often known as Pi Kapp, is a social fraternity that was founded on December 10, 1904, at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. It currently operates with 187 active chapters across the United States and has initiated over 113,000 members. The fraternity's mission is to create a unique, lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and promotes service to others for the improvement of communities. Their vision is to foster a future where each member embraces leadership, service, and positive impact. Pi Kappa Phi’s chapter facility is located on 650 Spruce Street. Socials: @wvupikap
  • Alpha Epsilon Pi
  • Alpha Epsilon Pi: Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEΠ), is recognized as the world's Jewish college fraternity, with a presence on over 150 college campuses across four countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Israel​1. Founded in 1913 at New York University, AEPi has grown significantly, with more than 110,000 initiated members, and it operates with the mission to develop future leaders within Jewish communities. While it is a Jewish fraternity, it is non-discriminatory and welcomes all who support its values and purpose. The fraternity is committed to providing education, resources, and training, and since its inception, over 102,000 men have worn its badge, striving for the best possible college and fraternity experience as part of a brotherhood that values acts of community and leadership. Socials: @wvuaepi
  • Phi Kappa Tau seal
  • Phi Kappa Tau: Phi Kappa Tau (ΦΚΤ), commonly referred to as Phi Tau, is a collegiate fraternity established in the United States in 1906. With a mission to foster a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership, and exemplary character, Phi Kappa Tau stands out as an institution that prides itself on these guiding principles. The fraternity boasts 161 chartered chapters, 83 active chapters, 6 associate chapters, and approximately 3,500 collegiate members, demonstrating its extensive presence across the country​. Phi Kappa Tau’s chapter facility is located on 692 North High Street. Socials: @wvuphitau
  • Delta Sigma Phi seal
  • Delta Sigma Phi: Delta Sigma Phi (ΔΣΦ), also known as Delta Sig, is a fraternity with a long-standing history of promoting diversity and acceptance. Founded in 1899 at The City College of New York, it has the distinction of being the first fraternity established on the principles of religious and ethnic acceptance. The fraternity's ethos is encapsulated in its motto "Better Men, Better Lives," reflecting its commitment to building character and fostering brotherhood among men from varied backgrounds. Socials: @deltasigmaphiwvu
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