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Strategic Plan for Distinction

 Strategic Plan for Distinction in WVU FSL

West Virginia University is proud to host a prominent fraternity and sorority community comprised of national and international social Greek-Letter organizations.

Fraternities and sororities at West Virginia Universities have been and will continue to be an important part of the undergraduate experience for many students.  For the many personal and educational benefits available to students through membership in fraternities and sororities, the University has made a commitment to support these organizations and to strengthening their role at the University and in the Morgantown community.

The University affirms the inherent values and principles of scholarship, leadership, character, and service that will serve as the cornerstones for the rebuilding of these organizations.  The common values shared by all West Virginia University fraternities and sororities should serve as guideposts for daily operations, programming and practice

Below are a series of long-term initiatives, organized under eleven strategic goal areas. The initiatives reflect the shared values of scholarship, leadership, character, service, and friendship.  The continued formal relationship between West Virginia University and the fraternity and sorority community is the foundation upon which the initiatives were constructed.

Strategic Goal Area One

Understanding and acceptance of the perceptions and expectations of the fraternity and sorority community

Strategic Goal Area Two

Strong alumni/ae involvement

Strategic Goal Area Three

Sound chapter management

Strategic Goal Area Four

Effective leadership development

Strategic Goal Area Five

Responsible use of alcohol on and off campus

Strategic Goal Area Six

Social, community, and civic responsibility

Strategic Goal Area Seven

Conducive living facilities

Strategic Goal Area Eight

Collaborative relationships with faculty and other stakeholders

Strategic Goal Area Nine

Collaboration, governance and assessment

Strategic Goal Area Ten

Promotion of scholarship and intellectual development

Strategic Goal Area Eleven

Other university support

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