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The Statement of Vision and Values

The Vision 

The fraternity and sorority community at West Virginia University will be a community that (1) supports and complements the academic mission of the University, (2) believes in and abides by the founding principles of the inter/national organizations and the responsibilities associated with fraternity or sorority membership, and (3) promotes the development of its members intellectually, socially, and ethically.  Therefore, the community will promote each member’s commitment to the following set of values:

The Values

Independence and Self-Governance
  • I believe in self-governance of the chapter (recruitment, ritual, and committees) and of the fraternity and sorority system;
  • I will participate fully in chapter and alumni/ae events;
  • I will uphold faithfully the traditions and activities of the University by participating in fraternity and sorority, campus, and community events.  

Camp Horseshoe

    Respect for the Community and for Others
    • I will be mutually supportive of other chapters and individual members. 
    Academic Relevance
    • I believe in learning and scholarship;
    • I will strive to attain the highest possible standard of scholarship and will strive to perform at or above the all-men’s or all-women’s grade point average;
    • I will assist in the development of scholarship initiatives that promote the highest standards of academic proficiency;
    • I will promote academic integrity and discourage academic dishonesty;
    • I support and will uphold my inter/national headquarters standards.  
    Responsibility and Safety
    • I will take personal responsibility for and will be accountable for my actions;
    • I will serve as a role model by living the ritual every day;
    • I will expect others to live the ritual and will hold them accountable;
    • I will safeguard the reputation of the chapter and the fraternity and sorority community by keeping careful watch over my personal conduct;
    • I will bear an appropriate share of the financial burden of my chapter and the fraternity and sorority system;
    • I will follow all inter/national, Panhellenic Association, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and/or Interfraternity Council risk management policies and procedures;
    • I will encourage the safe and responsible use of alcohol;
    • I will maintain my chapter’s property in a safe and sanitary condition to provide the most positive environment that supports the development of community;
    • I will encourage and support chapters who have implemented the substance-free housing initiative in their chapters.  


      Unity and Relationships
      • I believe in cooperation and teamwork;
      • I will be a lifelong member who remains active throughout my university career and participates in alumni activities and events;
      • I will join other student organizations and will work to become a campus leader;
      • I will be united in a common goal of contributing to the quality of life on campus.
      • I will promote a fraternity and sorority community that is diverse and representative of the general student body of West Virginia University;  

      Chili Fest  CORE

      Service to Others
      • I will serve as a lifelong volunteer in both community and University service;
      • I will learn and strive to understand the value of participating in community service activities as a member of the fraternity and sorority community.
      • I believe in the development of a fraternity and sorority experience for all students that enhances and does not compete with the general social environment of the University;
      • I will participate in creating and organizing events that provide social opportunities for all members of the West Virginia University community.

      The Statement of Vision and Values is an excerpt of the Plan for Prominence in Greek Life at West Virginia University. Download the Plan in its entirety here

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